Is Taking Selfies BAD for You?

Recent studies have linked selfies to mental health conditions like narcissism and low self-esteem. What do you think?

How does taking selfies make you feel? Why do you take them? How does it feel when people comment on the selfies you post? We’re curious what you think: Discuss/Leave a Comment!

Something about Selfies and Narcissism on International Business Times.


  1. Christine says

    Taking selfies can be a bit extreme. When I take selfies I want to capture a moment when I feel beautiful. I do feel good when people comment on my selfies.

  2. Jennifer says

    YES! The proliferation of selfies and our culture’s general misuse of social media to “live out loud” has created a generation whose self worth is dependent upon how many “likes” and comments they receive on whichever social media they’ve posted on.

    It has always been hard to teach children and young adults not to rely upon the opinions of others to create their personas. Now it is just downright impossible…and it has had disastrous results.

    Teens AND adults are swarming into therapists offices in droves with personality disorders, eating disorders and behavioral addictions developed because social media, among other things, is no longer able to ‘feed the beast’ within created by none other than social media. News flash – you can’t treat these issues with a pill either.

  3. Clarissa says

    Honestly, I don’t see the big deal? If you don’t wanna be judged by your selfies then don’t freaking post them!!! People are going to say good stuff or bad stuff whether you like it or not! And I totally agree with Jasmine in my case I don’t really care what people say about my selfies! I post them because I already know who I am and that is really all you need . Sure shre with the world your gorgeous face because at least you know you’re beautiful.

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